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Despite most of the media spotlight shining on the spiraling out of control American opiate crisis, methamphetamine continues to have a negative impact on our legal and healthcare systems. If you are facing a meth-related criminal charge, you cannot afford to go the pubic defender route because of the serious consequences of having your life turned upside down by a criminal conviction.

At the law office of Gullberg Law, LLC, our team of highly rated criminal defense attorney have handled numerous meth cases for clients.

The Legal Consequences of a Methamphetamine Criminal Conviction

It is not just the physical damage the narcotic does to people; it is also the legal consequences of having a methamphetamine conviction on your criminal record. The most serious meth-related charges are associated with possessing, delivering, trafficking, and manufacturing the narcotic.

Here are some of the legal consequences of a meth criminal conviction:

  • Considerable jail time that can span more than several decades
  • Dealing with a permanent felony record that destroys career aspirations and housing prospects
  • Loss of any professional licenses and accreditations
  • No more child custody or child visitation rights
  • Lose the right to vote
  • Lose the right to own any type of firearm
  • Pay a substantial fine that can ruin your personal finances

Immigrants that receive a conviction for a meth-related crime can expect to lose visa and green card privileges, which means probable deportation after release from prison.

Because of the severe legal ramifications of a methamphetamine criminal conviction, it is crucial that you contact an Illinois licensed criminal defense lawyer that has compiled an impressive record of winning meth-related criminal cases.

What are the Different Meth Offenses in Illinois?

Selling, carrying, delivering, or manufacturing methamphetamine in Illinois can trigger some of the most serious criminal charges a defendant can face. Illinois methamphetamine manufacturing statute 720 ILCS 646/15 and Illinois methamphetamine delivery statute 720 ILCS 646/55 define the types of meth-related criminal charges.

Possession with Intent-Planning the sale of meth, but not having acted to consummate the sale

Delivery-Transferring meth to another person via a sale or as a gift

Trafficking-Bringing in meth into Illinois from another state or another country

Manufacturing-The production of any amount of methamphetamine

The criminal penalties for committing a meth-related crime depend on the type of crime, as well as the amount of meth involved in the case. Consult with one of our criminal defense lawyers to determine the possible legal consequences of receiving a criminal conviction because of the meth-related charges connected with your case.

Common Defenses for Methamphetamine Cases

As with every other type of criminal case, the prosecution will have to prove guilt “Beyond a reasonable doubt.” This means not one juror can have even the slightest doubt as to the guilt of a defendant. “Beyond a reasonable doubt” is the foundation of most defenses for criminal charges, such as the criminal charge for selling, delivering, trafficking, and/or manufacturing methamphetamine.

Law enforcement officers are responsible for closely following several guidelines and protocols when it comes to investigating, arresting, and charging suspects. Our team of highly skilled criminal defense attorneys will ensure law enforcement adhered to every guideline and protocol mandated by local, state, and federal statutes.

Here are five of the most common types of defenses for meth cases:

Questionable Witnesses

An accomplished criminal defense lawyer will leverage the “Beyond a reasonable doubt” burden of proof when it comes to the testimony delivered by witnesses. Just the smallest discrepancy of the testimony presented by witnesses can plant the all-important seeds of reasonable doubt.

Procedural Mistakes

From a mishandled investigation to a confidential informant providing false information, there are several ways for one or more procedural errors to result in a criminal case for meth to be thrown out of court.

Violation of Constitutional Rights

If you law enforcement officer did not read your Miranda rights, you might benefit from the defense called violation of your Constitutional rights. You have the right to remain silent and the right to speak with an attorney. Another common violation of the Constitution for meth cases involves invoking the Fourth Amendment, which prohibits illegal searches and seizures.

Lack of Evidence

Lack of evidence is another effective defense that involves planting the seeds of reasonable doubt into the mind of at least one juror. Insufficient evidence can include the lack of a scale for measuring meth, as well as no evidence of drug possession.

Statute of Limitations

Methamphetamine crimes in Illinois are considered felony offenses. However, like other types of drug felony charges, prosecutors have three years to charge someone with a meth-related offense. One of our Illinois licensed criminal defense attorneys will review your case to see if it remains within the statute of limitations imposed by the State of Illinois.

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