Trial Advocates Ready To Work For You

At Gullberg Law, LLC, our attorneys are ready to give you the best representation possible – we have been helping clients since 1997. Our experience has shown us that the people who win cases are the most prepared and the hardest working. Period. We have built a reputation with the judges, courts and prosecutors for being prepared. Experience and results MATTER – put our experienced courtroom trial advocates to work for YOU!

Representation In Several Key Areas Of Law

Our skilled advocates handle cases in several areas, including:

  • DUI/OWI charges for first-time and repeat offenses
  • Drug offenses such as possession of marijuana and drug trafficking
  • Criminal defense for felony crimes, including aggravated assault, murder and more
  • Gun & weapon charges – if you’ve been charged with a gun or weapons crime, it is important that you seek experienced legal counsel.
  • White-collar criminal defense such as fraud and money laundering charges
  • Personal injury lawyers for motor vehicle accident victims, trucking accidents, motorcycle crashes and other serious injury claims.

We also represent business owners in business litigation cases.

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Gullberg Law, LLC is ready to serve your legal needs through dedication and solid preparation. That’s how we roll. We serve Monmouth, Galesburg, Rock Island and the surrounding towns and areas. Call us to schedule your free initial consultation at 309-734-1001. You may also email our firm.

Gullberg Law, LLC

Gullberg Law, LLC