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Defense From Marijuana Possession Charges, Individual Use And Intent To Deliver

Marijuana possession charges are very common. Gullberg Law, LLC regularly defends clients from possession charges, including individual use, possession with intent to deliver and trafficking. Our attorneys understand how to craft strong defense strategies and will work closely with you to explain your legal options. Our goal is to prevent serious penalties and provide the trusted legal counsel that you require.

If you face marijuana possession charges, call our experienced attorneys at 309-734-1001. We represent clients in west central Illinois.

Understanding Possession Charges

To be charged with drug possession, an individual must knowingly possess a substance containing cannabis. There is no black-and-white threshold for when one knowingly possesses cannabis. Each instance should be examined by a skilled criminal defense attorney. The state must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual knowingly possessed cannabis for the charge to hold.

Protection From Unlawful Search And Seizure

Every United States citizen has the right to be free from an illegal search and seizure. Through our history of dealing with cannabis cases, we have found that law enforcement often intrudes upon this constitutional right such as on Amtrak trains. If this can be proven, evidence could be excluded, and the case against you severely weakened. We will examine every piece of evidence the state has against you and work to have the charges dismissed through pre-trial motions.

Pursuing A Favorable Case Resolution

If the state proves its case against you, you could receive a wide range of penalties. Our efforts do not end with a conviction or a plea of guilty. It is always our goal to keep you out of jail and a conviction off your record. The Illinois legislature enacted laws designed to “reasonably proportion” the penalties for the crime. The intent is to keep people out of jail, but possession of cannabis is still an offense that could submit one to a stint in the county jail. Our attorneys will do everything we can to prevent jail time.

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If you have a cannabis charge pending against you, it can be a very anxious time. Let the skilled attorneys at Gullberg Law, LLC assume this burden and work towards a favorable outcome that will put you at ease. Call our offices at 309-734-1001, or email us today.

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