Providing Experienced, Full-Service Legal Counsel

Gullberg Law, LLC provides strong legal counsel to west central Illinois and eastern Iowa residents. Since 1990, our firm has represented individuals facing criminal charges, family law concerns, personal injury cases and estate planning needs. We are innovative strategists who develop unique case strategies to achieve your case goals. Our responsive attorneys will work closely with you to ensure that your questions are addressed and needs are met.

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We Thoroughly Prepare All Cases For Trial

When we accept your case, we immediately start preparing for trial. Thorough planning helps drive a favorable resolution for your case. We work as a unit, and several members of our legal team will meet to meticulously analyze your case. Together, we can identify and address key facts or weaknesses in order to present your case in the most favorable light.

Strategically Employing Pre-Trial Motions

Our lawyers use pre-trial motions to challenge probable cause for your arrest and charges. If we win that motion, your case is over. We also utilize motions to exclude evidence which is unduly prejudicial or gathered by the police in violation of your constitutional rights — including searches without warrant or failure to inform you of your Miranda rights. By the time pre-trial motions are completed, your case may already be favorably resolved or positively presented to the judge or jury.

Highly Experienced Trial Lawyers

At Gullberg Law, LLC, our lawyers spend a lot of time in court and are able to competently evaluate the presiding judge. We adjust our case approach depending upon how we anticipate that they will address your case. In jury trials, we also carefully evaluate and object to jurors who we believe will be unjustly prejudiced against your case.

Contact Our Dedicated Attorneys For Representation

Our approach ensures that you receive the best possible representation. If you have a legal concern, please call us at 309-734-1001 for a free consultation, or email us today. We serve Monmouth, Galesburg, Rock Island and the surrounding towns and areas.

Gullberg Law, LLC

Gullberg Law, LLC