Woman arrested for a DUI while sitting at a gas station

A woman from Minnesota was in Illinois, sitting in her car at a gas station, when police arrested her. They say she was under the influence and she is facing DUI charges.

The arrest happened on a Monday night. According to reports, the woman had a whisky bottle in her car, on the passenger seat. It was open. Police showed up right around 9:27 p.m.

They only knew she was there because another person at the gas station picked up the phone and called them. That person claimed that the woman had passed out.

She certainly wasn’t passed out when police arrived, though, and she wasn’t in her car. She had gotten out and was trying to refuel the vehicle. It does appear that she had accidentally picked up the kerosene pump, though, rather than the standard gas pump.

Police claim that the arrest was fairly bizarre. For instance, they say that the woman was lying at every step in the process, never cooperating with the officers. She allegedly said that she had driven to Indiana, dropped off one of her sons for a Spring Break party, and decided to live in an Illinois hotel until it was time to pick him up. She also claimed to have 10 other children, and she said that she “couldn’t find them.”

This arrest is her seventh on DUI charges. The six previous arrests all happened in six different states. Illinois makes seventh.

The more DUI convictions a person has on his or her record, the stiffer the penalties become. It is very important for those facing repeated charges to know their legal options. Everyone has a right to a fair trial.

Source: Post Bulletin, “Illinois police: Minnesota woman ‘one of America’s worst DUI offenders’,” Taylor Nachtigal, April 05, 2018