After accident, motorcyclist is facing DUI charges

A man from Chicago had a female passenger on the back of his motorcycle when the vehicle went out of control and crashed. It does not appear that the man was badly hurt — although both he and the passenger wound up in the emergency room. However, the woman on the motorcycle was seriously injured. She lost teeth, broke her jaw and cut her face badly enough to need eight stitches. She will probably suffer from permanent disfigurement.

The motorcyclist, who is 38 years old, apparently agreed to let doctors in the emergency room use a DUI kit on him. He allegedly informed them that he had consumed four beers prior to the wreck. This was different than what he told the police officers who arrived at the accident scene. He reportedly told them that he had only had two beers before getting on the bike.

Either way, he is now facing a host of charges for operating the vehicle while under the influence. One charge is for causing great bodily harm in the accident. He’s been charged with aggravated DUI, which is a felony. On top of that, he is facing charges for “aggravated possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver.” He is being held without bail.

Charges like this can have a drastic impact on the rest of a person’s life, especially when facing felony charges that can leave an individual with a permanent criminal record. It is very important for anyone who winds up in court to know all of the legal defense options they have.