I was arrested for DUI. Will my license be suspended or revoked?

Most states assign points to certain driving infractions so that drivers with a certain number of points eventually receive the penalties of license suspension or revocation. If you have recently been under arrest for driving under the influence, you may wonder how many points you will accumulate. Illinois takes DUIs very seriously, and unlike other states, does not assign points based on this offense.

The 2018 Illinois DUI Fact Book explains that there are a few things you should know if you face DUI charges or a conviction.

Your license may be immediately suspended

The Illinois Secretary of State determines penalties for DUI offenses. If you refuse to take a test or fail a BAC test, you may immediately receive a license suspension. This penalty also applies to drivers who are under the influence of marijuana. In some cases, if the alcohol or THC levels detected by the test are under a certain limit, you may retain your license yet still face a DUI charge.

Additional penalties may apply

The penalties and potential criminal charges you face will ultimately be determined by the specific circumstances surrounding your arrest. If law enforcement pulls you over on suspicion of DUI because you were weaving between lanes, this will incur lesser consequences than a collision that resulted in a fatality. Keep in mind that if there is property damage or injury involved, you may receive a license suspension or revocation penalty for a longer period of time.

Refusing testing can result in revocation

It is important to comply with whatever requests law enforcement makes at the time of your arrest. Failure to do so will only worsen the consequences you face. Refusal to test for BAC or THC, for example, can trigger an automatic revocation of driving privileges for an entire year at minimum.