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License Reinstatement

If you are looking for driver’s license reinstatement, consider help from Gullberg, Box & Worby LLC. Our experienced attorneys have been representing clients in license reinstatement hearings for years. We are prepared to effectively guide you through the process. We’ll look at all facets of your situation and help you obtain full reinstatement or limited driving privileges depending upon your case.

It is extremely helpful to have an attorney represent you at the hearing. Every license suspension or revocation has a unique set of circumstances that must be addressed. We can help you request your administrative hearing to review your driving privileges.

As your attorney, we will present reasons why you should be allowed to continue to drive. Then we will help you demonstrate you have remedied any issues that lead to revocation or suspension. This may include that you have successfully completed an alcohol treatment program or other requirements.

Call our office at (309) 734-1001 or fill out the contact submission form, and we will discuss the facts of your case and your options. This consultation is free, and there is no obligation to hire us after the consultation.