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Rushville, IL

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Schuyler County is a very rural, agrarian county located in west-central Illinois. The population of the county is just under 8,000 people, and the county seat is Rushville, Illinois. Rushville is the crossroads for U.S, Routes 67 and 24, which are both highly traveled by both the local and distant populations.

Schuyler County is a popular destination for hunters and fishermen. Anderson Lake and the Sanganois State Fish and Wildlife Area both offer these recreational opportunities and attract sportsmen from across the state. Rushville is also home to Scripps Park, a common meeting place for family reunions and weekend outings.

Although Schuyler County is a sparsely populated county, that is no reason to sleep on your rights as a citizen. The prosecutors of Schuyler County are determined to be “tough on crime” and are skillfully able to get the job done. State’s Attorney Ramon Escapa is a former police officer and is accomplished and knowledgeable.