New laws taking effect January 1, 2017

Well, our State government may be financially challenged, but it is definitely not challenged in passing new laws to regulate us. There are over 200 new laws taking effect on January 1, 2017.

For instance: The Illinois Vehicle Code will now require you to change lanes when coming up on a car with its hazard lights on. If you are on court supervision or probation which forbids you from violating any law including traffic laws, fail to change your lane may blow it. Not to mention it is another reason for the police to stop you – if you are enjoying a night on the town, failure to change the lane may have you doing field sobriety tests in no time!

Another instance: a pilot program to begin accepting petitions for orders of protection electronically. If you are angry with your significant other, you can get an order of protection at the speed of light. The police can serve it faster than the pizza delivery, which you can enjoy while they take him or her to the curb and forbid him from re-entering.

Another law defines “amputations”.

But on the good side, there is one regulation which will not go into effect – Yoga teacher training WILL NOT be regulated as a business. That’s surely a new law which will bring relief to millions of people – NOT

You can get the whole list of the new ridiculous laws here:

Ever think it would be better just to pay them to stay home?