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Macomb, Illinois is the county seat of McDonough County. In 2012 the population was 19,294. Macomb is the home to Western Illinois University (WIU). WIU has 10,446 full-time students. Macomb is often classified as a “college town” and the average age of a resident living there is 23.4 compared to the average age of a resident in Illinois 42.2. Along with the average age of a resident being lower than the state’s average, the average income for a resident in Macomb is also lower than the State average. The average income for a resident living in Macomb was $24,591 in 2012, and the average income for someone living in the state of Illinois was 53,234. 61.1 percent of the population over the age of 15 in Macomb have never been married, and 44 percent who are 25 and older have a Bachelor’s degree or higher. The unemployment rate for Macomb is higher than the unemployment rate for the state being 10% compared to 9.5%.

Macomb is home to many young residents, creating an exciting nightlife. There over 25 bars located in Macomb. Three of the most popular bars/night clubs are located in downtown Macomb within a short walk of one another. The Change of Pace is located on Campbell Street, the Forum on Lafayette Street, and the Ritz on Randolph Street. On weekends, these three popular bars close down at 2 a.m., and you can almost always find law enforcement outside of the bars after 12 monitoring the people leaving.

The streets to and from these bars tend to get confusing, causing many opportunities for officers to make traffic stops. To people from out of town, it can appear as more or less a traffic maze. Streets seem to inexplicably change from two-way traffic to one-way streets. Often a driver will pass on through into the one-way street, and a law enforcement officer will stop the driver for that violation and ask: Where are you coming from, how much have you had to drink tonight? Many who start the night out for fun find themselves in jail, their car towed, and are charged with driving while intoxicated, DUI, and even possession of cannabis. The consequences can be severe.

Although in Illinois people are not required to perform so-called field sobriety tests, horizontal gaze nystagmus, walk and turn, one-leg stand, or others, most people don’t realize that and perform these near acrobatic tests which are judged very strictly, creating evidence against themselves. Most people also do not know that they are not required to give a preliminary breath test, but they normally do, creating even more convincing evidence against themselves.

After a person is arrested, he or she will be asked to give a breath sample into an evidentiary breath test instrument. The arresting officer will read a warning to the person that his/her license will be suspended for a longer time if he/she refuses the test than if he/she completes the test and is found to be intoxicated by the instrument. What the warning doesn’t say, but should, is if you give a test, and you are found to be intoxicated, the breath test result will be compelling evidence in court. Compelling evidence that could increase the chance of conviction, and then you license will not just be suspended, it will be revoked, plus you will more likely face fines and even time in jail.

Although the nightlife in Macomb is typically exciting, bars and clubs aren’t the only things found in the city. There is one main hospital located in Macomb. McDonough District Hospital is located on Grand Street. There are two small airports, Macomb Municipal Airport and Smith Airport. Also located in Macomb is an Amtrak station on Calhoun Street. There are three High Schools in the City, Macomb Senior High, Project Insight School, and Academy for Secondary Education School. There are also five elementary schools, two middle schools, and two private elementary/middle schools.

The State’s Attorney for McDonough County is James Hoyle (right) with his assistant Charles Munson (left), they have the KSA; Knowledge of the law and procedure, Skill to prosecute the case, and Ability to try the case. If there is evidence that the arrest may be valid, they will bring their KSA’s to bear for a conviction.



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