Financing Legal Fees

We understand that if you are charged with a crime, facing a divorce or dispute over child custody, or need representation for other serious problems, you probably did not plan on that happening and probably haven’t saved up for it. Even for those who do have the money saved, it is sometimes better to finance legal fees with a low monthly payment than to spend money saved for other things. If this applies to you, we are pleased to offer you the opportunity to apply for a unsecured loan from a lender we have associated with for that purpose.

Legal Fee Disclosures

Gullberg & Box, LLC makes the following disclosures with respect to our Legal Fee Loan option:

1. We have associated with Lending USA to provide legal fee loans for our clients who qualify.

2. We paid Lending USA a fee of $549 to associate with Lending USA in order to allow our clients to apply for Legal Fee loans.

3. We are paying 10 percent of your fee to Lending USA when your loan is approved. We do not charge you extra due to that payment.

4. Your representation by us is NOT contingent on your use of our Legal Fee Loan Option; you are free to use alternate methods to finance or pay your fees.

There are other things you need to know about our Legal Fee Loan option:

1. Lending USA will not make a loan to people charged with felonies. Depending on a number of factors, Gullberg & Box, LLC may work out a payment plan with you if you are charged with a felony.

2. Your Legal Fee Loan is subject to credit approval. Generally, this means you must have a credit score of 620 or higher, you must be employed, and your income must be sufficient to pay your loans.

3. If you click the “Apply Now” button below and provide the requested information, you should receive an instant result.

4. Your application WILL NOT result in an “inquiry” on your credit. If and when you accept the terms of an offered loan, then an inquiry will be reported on your credit.

5. You will not be charged interest for the first six months of your loan. However, an origination fee of 8 percent will apply and this fee will increase the principal amount of your loan and be withheld from the amount disbursed. After the first six months, your interest rate will be between 7 percent and 29.99 percent depending on your credit. This will be a fixed rate.

By clicking on the “Apply Now” button below, you affirm that you have read all of this page.

Contact Our Attorneys For Additional Information

If you have questions about our firm’s legal fees, call our offices at 309-734-1001. You may also contact our lawyers online. We have offices in Peoria and Monmouth, Illinois, and Bettendorf, Iowa. Gullberg & Box, LLC is here to help you with your legal needs, whether you require strong criminal defense or family law assistance.

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