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Aledo, IL

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Mercer County sits along the Mississippi River banks just to the south of the Quad Cities metropolitan area. Aledo is the county seat of Mercer County, which has a population of just over 16,000. Although it is a very rural county, Rock Island is just a short trip for entertainment and other activities.

Friday night football in Aledo has long been the main attraction in Mercer County. People all over the county still flock to Aledo to see the team in action and often stay around afterwards to celebrate another win. The Mercer County Sheriff’s Department is highly vigilant to anyone traveling on their roadways.

If you are arrested for a criminal offense in Mercer County, the States Attorney, Gregory McHugh, is a very capable and skilled prosecutor. Mr. McHugh, along with the assistant in his office, will build a strong case against you. You will need a qualified, experienced attorney to analyze the case against you and find the weak spots.