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Top Two Reasons You Need A Lawyer

Top Two Reasons You need a Lawyer

Top Two Reasons You need a Lawyer RIGHT NOW if you are arrested for DUI:

  1. Preserve Evidence Which May Exonerate You: An experienced attorney, hired in time, knows how to preserve video/audio which may be very important to your defense – before it is automatically destroyed by the police.

    Video/Audio is usually made by the police of the traffic stop, field sobriety tests, and the breath tests. These tests are not admissible against you in court if they are not performed in a prescribed, scientific manner. Often the audio/video shows that the tests were not performed correctly. Unfortunately, some police departments automatically destroy the audio/video of the breath test procedure soon after the arrest. An experienced attorney knows how to stop that, and preserve and procure the evidence – IF the attorney is engaged in time. Days and hours are extremely important to preserve the evidence.

  2. Preserve Your Right to Drive: If you are arrested for DUI, you are driving on borrowed time; 46 days after your arrest, your right to drive will be suspended – even though you have not been convicted of DUI.

    An experienced attorney can petition the court to maintain your right to drive by rescinding (removing) the suspension. To be effective, evidence needs to be subpoenaed from the police, analyzed, a petition filed, a court date for a hearing scheduled, and the hearing held, all within 46 days from your arrest for DUI. All of these things take time. Days and hours are extremely important to preserve your right to drive. Each case has unique facts which must be analyzed by a qualified attorney; not all cases qualify for rescission, but many do. Regardless of how bleak your case may look to you, it may look different to an experienced attorney.