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Des Moines

The Des Moines County Courthouse is located at 513 N. Main Street in Burlington, Iowa.

Gullberg, Box & Worby LLC has an active practice in Des Moines County, Iowa. Burlington, West Burlington, and Mediapolis are others located in Des Moines County with Burlington being the county seat.

Burlington has a large number recreational activities including the Fun City water park, a gambling casino, outdoor athletics events, and more can lead to a high number of traffic stops and Operating While Intoxicated (OUI) charges, which are commonly called DUI or Driving While Intoxicated charges in other states.

Currently, all OUI criminal proceedings for those accused of driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs in Des Moines County are conducted in the Burlington very near to the Mississippi riverfront.

If you are charged with OUI or another crime in Des Moines County, you need an experienced and effective attorney as your advocate. You can call us at (309) 734-1001 or fill out the contact submission form, and we will discuss the facts of your case and your options. This consultation is free, and there is no obligation to hire us after the consultation.