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The justice system is divided into civil court and criminal court. A civil court case can arise when someone sues you for damages, brings an assault or defamation suit, files a contract dispute, involves a dispute between people and organizations, and more.

Gullberg, Box & Worby LLC can put our vast legal knowledge, experience, and outside-the-box thinking to work for you in your civil case. We provide exceptional legal services while representing clients in all civil matters. Our well-developed attention to detail and diligence helps us learn everything there is to know about your case. Our investigation and communication skills will help you feel confident you are working with the right attorney.

Find your peace of mind. Call our office at (309) 734-1001 or fill out the contact submission form, and we will discuss the facts of your case and your options. This consultation is free, and there is no obligation to hire us after the consultation.